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Местонахождение Forest City, North Carolina


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Наши реквизиты для оплаты 1969 FORD MUSTANG BOSS 302 REVELL 1:25 SCALE PLASTIC MODEL CAR KIT Вы получите сразу на Ваш email после оформления заказа.
Не оплаченные заказы будут отменены автоматически через 5 дней.

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I hope you are reading this and if you are, we have a Lot of Other Plastic Model Kits in our eBay store. On the right side of this ad under “Seller Information” you will see "Visit Store" Click on that and you will see everything we have available. If you are interested in a specific brand put the brand name in the search box. If you have any questions please contact us ***** Updated April 2021 ***** VERY IMPORTANT: The only way I have to communicate with a prospective buyer is by putting information in my ad. I do my Very Best to give a Complete and Accurate description of the item I have for sale and must trust the buyer to read the complete ad. Yes, there is a lot of information but reading the ad can prevent you from being surprised when you open the box. If you see anything in the ad that does not look right Please contact me before making the purchase. I also recommend that you read any message sent to you by the seller. It may contain important information you need to know about your purchase and all messages sent between buyers and sellers are kept on file in the eBay system. ***** New and available in our eBay store. Non Toxic Clear Plastic Cement by Testors. Can be used anywhere on the model because it dries CLEAR AS GLASS. No additional shipping cost if shipped with this item. Please note that in some cases I may have to slide the glue inside the model box. ***** Also available in our eBay store is regular Non Toxic Plastic Cement by Testors. If you purchase this glue there will also be No additional shipping cost and I will refund the $1 you pay for the glue. Please note that in some cases I may have to slide the glue inside the model box. *****We have LOTS of different Gofer Racing Decal Sets in stock and there is no additional shipping if we include more sets in the box with this purchase. ***** If you enjoy building model cars check out the new Gofer Racing Engine and Engine Compartment Detail Accessories in our eBay store. Purchase any Gofer Racing Products and there is no additional shipping cost when all purchases are shipped together. *****Produced by Revell in 1:25 Scale 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Plastic Model Kit Assembly Required Length is 18.9cm = Over 7"109 Parts Water Slide DecalsAdditional Details on this Kit is Shown on Box in Photos Paint is Not IncludedNon Toxic Plastic Cement is available in my eBay Store ***** VERY IMPORTANT - ALL eBay sellers are required to ship to the address shown in the PayPal payment to be covered under the Seller Protection Policy. That is the only address we will ship to.   Thank you for considering our item.   Mikes Toy Shop Inc   ***Luke 6:31*** < HOURS OF OPERATION: We are closed on Saturday, Sunday and all Holidays. If you email us on the weekend or on a holiday there is no one here to answer your message. We are a two person operation and many times weekend sales and orders keep us very busy so it could be as late as Wednesday before I get to your message. If you have any special instructions put them in the remarks of your PayPal payment because payments are the first thing I process each business day. NOTE ON SHIPPING COST: Your shipping cost is being automatically calculated by eBay based on your location plus the size and weight of your package. We process shipping on line so if the “actual cost” is less than the “calculated cost” we will contact you concerning the overpayment. IMPORTANT SHIPPING UPDATE; If you purchase this item and there is a possibility that you might be interested in more items Please, DO NOT pay immediately after you make the purchase. However, we do request that you contact us immediately and let us know that you are looking at more items so that we will not expect immediate payment. Payments are processed the first thing each business day and then your item will be shipped as soon as possible – which could be the same day. If you make immediate payment and later decide to purchase more items, you may lose the discounted shipping. To qualify for discounted shipping – all items – "must be shipped together". Any special instructions you have must be included in the remarks of the PayPal payment. NOTE ON BOXES: Many items now arrive from the factory in boxes that have minor damage of some type. If you would like your item in a box without any type of damage you must email me "after" you make your purchase and "before" you pay the invoice I will send after I receive the eBay purchase notice. If you purchase an item and elect to make immediate payment, and want a good box, you must tell me this in the remarks of the PayPal payment. Now that eBay is demanding I ship immediately after receiving payment your package could be shipped before I know that you want a good box. If you live Outside the Continental US and wish to purchase items and have them shipped together to save on shipping they must be shown, and paid for, on the same invoice. If you would like to do this please contact me before making the purchases. This does not apply to those who live in Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico. Your item will be shipped in Original Factory Sealed Box Update: Effective February 2020 for those who live outside the Continental US (does not include Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico). If you make a purchase your item may be shipped using the new eBay International Standard Delivery Program. This program allows for better tracking, includes insurance on all packages and you do not pay taxes or duties at checkout but depending on your Country, you may have to pay the carrier for duties and tax on delivery. If you have any questions please contact me.