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Reed Expression 5 Pcs Quality Oboe Reeds US Style MEDIUM ^_^
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Местонахождение Naperville, Illinois


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Reed Expression Brand Oboe Reeds Best Price, Wonderful Quality 10 Pieces of Oboe Reeds (US Style) Item Name: Oboe Reeds Model: US Style Quantity: 10 Strength: Medium Length: 71 mm Tube: Brass tube, natural wood cork Description: The "American" or "double cut" style of reed is a fairly complex scrape, involving four specific interrelated areas, the tip, dump heart and back. The sound of this reed is focused, both dark and light at same time, which produces an illusion of depth in the sound that is similar to that produced by great painters when a canvas seems illuminated by light from within.The mixture of overtones produced by this reed is rich and complex, like a good wine. Our products have been used and appreciated by oboist in professional orchestras and music festivals throughout the United States, Canada, Brazil, Italy, France, Spain, Japan and many other countries. Frequently Asked Questions 1. How to break in new oboe reeds? After you take out the oboe reed from the case, first take a look at the reed and make sure that there is no crack. Please contact us if you see a crack in the reed. Oboe reeds are extremely fragile and need to be treated with extreme care. Dip your reed in water for about 2 minutes (only put the tip part into water not the cork part). Look at the tip of the reed. If the opening is too large, squeeze it down between thumb and first finger of both hands along its whole length. If the opening is too small, squeeze the corner of the two blades GENTLY to open the tip. You can also slide the wire up a little to keep the tip from closed. 2. What do I do if the reed doesn't blow? For beginners, the ability to blow a reed may vary. We recommend that students take our oboe reed to their teachers for adjustment. Adjustment can be done by scraping the tip and the heart of a reed. It is a technique that takes time to learn. We do not recommend beginners adjust oboe reeds by themselves. Adjustment can not only change the response of a reed, but also the tone quality and stability of a reed. Because oboe reeds are fragile and sensitive, adjustments do not always work. All oboists adjust their reeds to fit their style. Sometimes if the reed is hard to blow, it could have too large an opening on the tip. A large opening can be caused by a variety of reasons such as dry weather. It can be fixed by squeezing the tip and holding it closed for a minute. 3. How to adjust oboe reeds? We do not recommend beginners to adjust their oboe reeds. Nevertheless, there are some general rules: If the reed is too bright and sharp, you may clip the tip by a tiny part (like 0.5mm). If the reed is too resistant and too dull, you may scrape the entire surface of the tip to get better vibration. If the reed is somewhat resistant, you may scrape the very top of a tip to get a better vibration and a focused sound. Before you buy: 1. Please only contact us through eBay contact seller option. Please do not send us emails directly (they will be ignored). 2. Tracking number is updated when the item shipped. Please do not open a case if you have not received your item. There could be various reasons and we will work with you to identify the item or our money back guarantee. Please send us a message first and allow us 1-2 days to respond. 3. We welcome whole sellers contact us!!! Back to School Sale is On, Unbeatable Price Always: Up to 15% sale on our best sold saxophone, clarinet, bassoon and oboe reeds in store when you buy in bulks plus you save on flat rate shipping! Satisfaction Guaranteed: Any unsatisfied items may be returned for a full refund within 30 days. Defective products will be replaced or money returned. Shipping fee is usually not refundable. Shipping Policy: US $3.99 for inside United States (including Hawaii and Alaska) US $11.99 for other international shipping We combine shipping for multiple items. There is $1.99 extra shipping charge for additional items.