Beer Bar COASTER ~ SUNRIVER Brewing Co ~ OREGON ** Add'l Coasters Only $0.25 S&H
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Местонахождение North Bend, Washington


Срок доставки 3 - 4 недели
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>*::))>##**>##~>>* REGARDING THIS ITEM: 1 Coaster! Photos of both sides NOTE: only $0.25 shipping for each additional coaster, cap, sticker or label order shipped at same time. NOTE: Shipping discounts are not usually must wait for an adjusted invoice.COLOR NOTE: Due to limits of cameras the exact colors of coasters may not be the same in the photo as the actual item. Ask before buying if there's a potential issue please! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ *:* ############### ** NOTE: Coasters, Bar Mats, Drip Mats are generally the drink mats you get in restaurants or bars. They are made of pressed paper or cardboard unless otherwise stated and are generally 3 - 5 inches across. Please ask questions if you are not sure what you are buying. Collecting coasters is big's called tegistology. Note: If ordering more than one coaster at the same time, each additional coaster is only $0.25 Shipping & Handling worldwide. In most cases you will need to wait for a custom invoice that reflects the discount. VERY COOL! SEE MORE IN MY STORE UNDER "BEER COASTERS" SOLD AS IT - LOOK AT THE PHOTO FOR CONDITION DETAILS THANKS FOR SHOPPING! Search words: Beer Coaster, Beermat, Pub Coaster, Drip Mat, Sous Bock, Bierviltje, Biltje, Bierdeckel, Deckel, Posavasos, Bolachas de Chopp, Viltje, Sottobicchiere, ølbrik, Underlagg, Dessous Verre, Onderleggers, Bolacha, Beer Collectible, Breweriana, Tegistologist, Tegistology, Old Beverage Collector, Beer Geek, Vintage Brewery Collectible, Craft Biere, Micro Bier Movement, Artisan Ale ^^^^^^^^^^^^^*^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^*:*^ Contact me for particular items if you choose...I own thousands of coasters, 1000s of CDs, many fancy beer glasses, coasters, matches, toy figurines, books, kitchen stuff, bottle caps, stickers, magazines and other items. Subscribe to my newsletter to get updates if you choose. SHIPPED IN Cardboard within a BUBBLEWRAP ENVELOPE ######################### ORDERING NOTES: If you're outside Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia or other countries with modernized, efficient and reliable shipping, give me those details before you buy.Please Pay Within 5 Days.If you're not using Paypal or if you're waiting for other items, please let me know.