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Наши реквизиты для оплаты BALLANTINE'S HISTORY OF WWII: BOMBER OFFENSIVE-CAMP, BOOK 7-1 ED 1970 2303N Вы получите сразу на Ваш email после оформления заказа.
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BALLANTINE'S HISTORY OF WWII: BOMBER OFFENSIVE-CAMP, BOOK 7-1 ED 1970 2303N Click images to enlarge Description BALLANTINES ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF WORLD WAR II CAMPAIGN BOOK No. 7   BOMBER OFFENSIVE THE DEVESTATION OF EUROPE VERY SCARCE SERIES OF BOOKS REF-KIT 2303N Size: 8-1/4" x 5-1/2" Length: 160 Pages First Published 1970 This Copy: 1st Edition 1st Printing Condition: Very Good Editor in Chief: Barrie Pitt Military Consultant: Sir Basil Liddell Hart THIS IS ONE OF A SERIES OF   30 ODD BALLANTINES PUBLICATIONS I WILL BE OFFERING AMONGST OTHER SCARCE TO RARE MILITARY BOOKS. ALL FROM THE LIBRARY OF A FORMER CANADIAN ARMY INTELLIGENCE OFFICER. CONDITION THROUGHOUT IS GOOD, WITH SOME STILL FACTORY WRAPPED. THE BALLANTINE SERIES ARE VERY WELL KNOWN AND SOUGHT AFTER BY THOSE WITH A VARIETY OF INTERESTS, FROM HISTORIANS AND THE RE-ENACTMENT ENTHUSIASTS TO MODEL BUILDERS AND ARTISTS. THIS IS A SUPERB OPPORTUNITY TO EITHER ADD TO ONES COLLECTION OR TO START A NEW ONE. INTENSIVELY RESEARCHED, VERY WELL WRITTEN WITH REAMS AND REAMS OF DATA PLUS THOSE SUPERB PHOTOGAPHS AND DIAGRAMS. EACH BOOK IS A GEM! COMBINED SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE, AND WILL DEPEND ON WEIGHT. Payment I ASK THAT PAYMENT BE MADE WITHIN 12 HOURS OF AUCTIONS CLOSE. UNPAID AUCTIONS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR OFFER TO THE NEXT HIGHEST BIDDER AFTER 48 HOURS WHERE APPLICABLE. INVOICES REMAINING UNPAID ARE REFERRED TO EBAY FOR SETTLEMENT BY MEANS OF A NON-PAYMENT CASE AGAINST THE BUYER. ALL SALES PAYABLE BY PAYPAL UNLESS OTHER ARRANGEMENTS ARE MADE WITH THE EXCEPTION OF INTERNATIONAL SALES WHICH ARE PAYABLE BY PAYPAL ONLY. Shipping ORDERS SHIP WITHIN 4 DAYS. CANADA POST DETERMINES SHIPPING COSTS, NOT THE SELLER! IN LIGHT OF THE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE POLICY SECURE SHIPPING IS MANDATORY ON ITEMS OVER $20 I USE THE MOST COST EFFECTIVE OPTIONS AVAILABLE WITHOUT COMPROMISING THE SAFETY OF THE GOODS. AN AMOUNT TO COVER SHIPPING AND HANDLING AS PERMITTED BY EBAY IS INCORPORATED INTO ALL SHIPPING COSTS. Terms of Sale Please note that all items are described to the very best of my ability and with the utmost good faith: They are sold as is on the day of listing. In terms of anything that "works" particularly , but not limited to electronic or photographic items no warranties are expressed or implied. I carefully and thoroughly examine all elements for evidence of fungus or blemishes and will disclose any if found without stripping the lens, be they photographic, binoculars or other. This is the limit and extent of the examination in this regard. With Regard to Militaria, badges in particular. I have spent a great deal of money on reference material and spend an inordinate amount of time on research to establish the authenticty of the offerings to the very best of my ability. I will state known flaws if I see or know about them. The world of Military collectors has a plethora of experts some more knowledgeable than others and opinions in many instances are at at odds one with another. I list in good faith and according to the best information available to me. My pictures are very clear. I make no claims and offer no guarantees beyond this. PHOTOGRAPHY: Every effort is made to faithfully reproduce the actual colour of the article on offer, however allowances must be made in this regard particularly with regard to shades and hues. Shading and subtle differences will not be considered as justification for return of an item. Returns will be considered if the item radically and demonstrably differs from description and such difference/s is/are not covered by any disclaimer. NB Electronic/Mechanical/Photographic/Watches. optical, microscopes, telescopes and binoculars. Refund of Purchase price only once the item has been returned in the condition sent. NO LOCAL PICK UP OF ORDERS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES About Us I take pride in bringing The Uncommon, The Hard to Find, The Unusual and often The Rare to the incredible eBay Market. An inordinate amount of time, effort, travel, money and an ever-growing network of suppliers have all combined to make this possible.I find, bring, research, photograph and describe a vast array of items and present them for your collecting pleasure. The small S&H fee attached to every item covers this. After five + years & my feedback nears the 6,000 mark & I have not tired, nor lost my enthusiasm for this fascinating quest and continue to derive a great deal of satisfaction from the happiness I bring my buyers. Some of the rare Military Items I have found are now housed in Museums at Klerken in Belgium and Cambrai in France as well as Museums in Italy and Canada. Just a brief note on images: All photography is done using Pentax Equipment, Elinchrom Lighting and the experience of many years as a Professional Photographer. I am glad to share my knowledge and help others: just ask. Pictures sell! Auctiva offers Free Image Hosting and Editing.250+ Listing Templates! 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