Ruark Excalibur Audiophile Reference Loudspeakers.
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Краткое описание на английском языке
In 2000 Alan O'Rourke (brother of Brian O'Rourke and co founder of Ruark Acoustic) engineered and fabricated a speaker without compromise that was capable of real life dynamics, able to create the full scale of an orchestra or band without compression or distortion. The Excalibur quickly became regarded by serious Audiophiles as one of the most awesome speakers available during its production, 300 pairs were sold worldwide. Hand crafted in England out of solid cherry, they are a 4 ohm, 90 dB sensitivity, tri-amp-able, 3 way, with two 8" bass drivers, two 3" dome mids and a 1.2" tweeters. They are a big, beautiful, warm, rich, refined, full range speakers of the first order. The cabinets feel more like quality furniture than a piece of hi-fi cabinet enclosure. Ruark Excalibur's trim are adorn with crisp engraved brass metal ID plaques and detailed hardware. Weighing in at over 200 lbs. the Excalibur is a true reference grade audiophile monitor of the highest grade. The resulting Excalibur is still regarded as one of the best speakers ever made. This brand/model is out of production and was limited at 300 pairs. All that said this a lifetime chance to own one of the finest and rarest reference grade audiophile speaker/monitors that have ever been produced. Note: The side wood veneer is literally est. 3/4 inch solid cherry wood cut from the matching grain of the tree to create a match between the upper and lower cabinet. This is not MDA composite, it is real wood! Condition of my Ruarks in the auction falls in 8 out 10 condition grade, (10 being NEW). They have No blemishes ,scratches or stains on any part of the cabinet enclosure(s). Very much in excellent condition. There are 4 or 5 scuff marks on the lower black base ledges of speaker near carpet/floor contact. The speaker have brass spike cones they stand on and the cones are powder coated black ,they have scratches and scuffs but are not visible as they are up under the black ledges at speaker base. All speakers, wires and electrical component's inside are in excellent working condition. All speaker drivers/cones/trim all in great working condition and cosmetically clean. The grills are also in great shape with not tears or holes. They have been in a smoke free and animal free environment their whole life. Photos used in this auction had water spots on my lens, the white spots are just in the photos themselves.Retail on these speakers in 2000 was USD $12000.00 Suggested retail in 2002 was USD $16000.00 adjusted.I will provide follow up photos of any detail of discrepancy that you want or need for your evaluation or decision.LOCAL PICKUP ONLY (I WILL NOT SHIP) , Thank you for your interest in my auction.