D&D 3rd Ed Arcane Mysteries: Wild Spellcraft Magic Suppliment Mystic Eye D20 FS
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D&D - D20 Arcane Mysteries Wild Spellcraft In traditional legends, magic has always been a force that granted great power, but which carried risk in its use. For those who appreciate this uncertainty and desire to let magic be something mystical and untamable, something more than just an entry on the spells per day table, Natural 20 Press and Mystic Eye Games present Wild Spellcraft. Wild Spellcraft will provide game masters with a toolkit for including the unpredictable forces of magic in their game with whatever depth and complexity they want. Ranging from rules for spells gone awry to prestige classes for those who try to master magic in its rawest, most chaotic form, Wild Spellcraft is designed to be modular, to fit into your game in individual pieces or in its entirety. Inside you will find: Wild Spellcaster Template Wild Spellcraft in your Game Wild Arcana Masters of Wild Spellcraft Wild Spells The Land Tomb at the Library of Yen-Ching Exotic & Bizarre Mishap and Other Tables This is a new, unused copy that has spent its life in a warehouse. MYG0401 2002 72 pp There is no charge to ship this item to a domestic US address via Media Mail. We must caution that Media Mail is very slow and can take 2-5 weeks to reach you (despite what the post office ‘claims’ is their normal delivery with this service). We always send tracking numbers if they are available when we generate your shipping label. All other shipping (including Foreign) is dependant on the weight of the package, choice of service and distance shipped from zip code 14468. There are no additional discounts for combined shipping but we will always send a refund if estimated postage is less than expected. This item would weigh just under 0.69 pounds (0.31 kg) when packaged for shipping. Be sure to add me to your Favorites list Visit our Ebay Store