Press Photo: Von Zamla 8x10 B&W
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Press Photo: Von Zamla 8x10 B&W Lars Hollmer, Marten Tiselius, Hans Loelv, Michael Berckmans, Wolfgang Salomon and Eino Haapala. Please Note: Most photos are scanned through plastic sleeves. Wrinkles unless otherwise noted are the sleeve and not the photo. Large black spot is on scanner, not photo. Pixalated images are a result of meeting ebay size requirements, actual photos are sharp and clear unless otherwise noted.Black edges are scanner and not part of the photo. Missing letters are part of the scan, all photos are complete unless otherwise noted. Photo may have writing on the back Canada $14.00, all other countries $17.00 (unless otherwise noted in shipping section or in listing). Shipping for each additional item is $1 more per item Special packing instructions will incur additional charges. NJ Residence MUST add 6.625% Sales Tax INTERNATIONAL BUYERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL CUSTOMS AND DUTIES. Auctions by igott153 Click here to view our ongoing auctions on eBay