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#LMB164 - Asus K54C Intel Laptop Motherboard 60-N9TMB1100-B24 - Tested
Состояние Used
Цена товара 5178 руб.
Цена доставки по США 897 руб.
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Начало продаж (GMT) 31 января 2019, 21:21
Купить можно до (GMT) 31 марта 2019, 20:52
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Местонахождение Oregon City, Oregon


Срок доставки 3 - 4 недели
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Краткое описание на английском языке
#LMB164 - Asus K54C Intel Laptop Motherboard 60-N9TMB1100-B24 - Tested This listing is for a laptop computer motherboard, as shown in the photo.  Nothing else is included.  This part is only guaranteed to boot to the BIOS.  No further testing has been performed.Due to the fraudulent activities of previous buyers, we must tell you that the item listed in the title IS THE ONLY THING YOU WILL RECEIVE.  You will NOT receive the surface that the computer part is sitting on or any items located in the background of the photo. If you have questions, please examine the photos closely and/or contact us before bidding/buying. We DO NOT guarantee compatibility! Verify compatibility with your equipment before you bid/buy.  The item is marked with a tamper-proof serialized label.  In case of damaged or DOA items being returned, the tamper-proof label must be intact and unaltered and the serial number on the item (if any) must match the one in the photo.    Shipping Service: We reserve the right to substitute, at no additional cost to you, an equivalent or better shipping service for the one you paid i.e. we may ship items where you pay for economy shipping via a priority service. Listing and template services provided by inkFrog