Vintage Lot of 4 Sadler “Piazza” Cups, 10oz English Porcelain, 3.75” Tall Fancy
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Начало продаж (GMT) 11 мая 2021, 20:56
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Местонахождение Henderson, Nevada


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Vintage Lot of 4 Sadler “Piazza” Cups, 10oz English Porcelain, 3.75” Tall Excellent condition; no chips, cracks, discoloration, crazing or signs of wear. Graphics are clear and complete. Double boxed to ensure intact arrival; never an additional charge. Shipping: Outer box dimensions: 12” x 8” x 12” Shipping weight: 3 pounds 10 oz PLEASE READ: I pack up my items when I list them, so I can ship them as quickly as possible after you place your order and store them in my warehouse. I write the name of the item ON THE BOX; if your order is a surprise or gift please let me know right away so I will either re-box or cover that information. I buy a lot online for myself, so I know what a disappointment it is to open a box and theorder is broken! Although nobody can pack perfectly “shipper-proof”, I make every effort to pack as securely and cost effectively as possible. I usually offer two shipping options for you to choose from. Cost is typically a function of speed and distance, so please choose which works for you. Please be assured that I do not add anything to the shipper’s cost - what you pay is what the shipper charges me. If you choose to ship via First Class instead of Priority, it is not insured and you will be responsible for return shipping, regardless of reason. If picture contains a stand, light and/or ruler, it is for photographic purposes only and is/are not included unless specifically stated in description. If original box is included, the listing will say so, as well as the condition of the box. Some NWT items do not have an original box when I acquire them, but the are strictly NEW. Each order comes with insurance for the value of your purchase, which I don’t believe you will need since all are very securely packed, even double boxed where needed. If there is breakage (unlikely but anything is possible) you can easily make a claim with the shipper since you will have the items with you. Returns: Please note that while I am happy to refund your full payment if there is an issue with the item or there is a breakage issue, you will need to return the item in the box in which it arrived for a refund. I do not give partial refunds, and I must have the complete order back to create a claim with the shipper. STOLEN PARCELS Once the Shipper marks an item delivered, if it is stolen before being retrieved, I am not responsible for replacement. A secure postal box is the buyer's responsibility. All shippers refuse to refund for stolen packages once marked delivered. They DO have GPS tracking if you think they misdelivered it you can contact the shipper to have it tracked; beyond that it is unfortunately a police matter. International buyers kindly note: shipping cost is for conveyance to you only, and does not include any customs, fees, taxes, tariffs or other charges your country may impose. If you choose to return the item for any reason, you agree to be responsible for secure packaging and return postage. If you fail to pick up or accept the package and it is returned to me, I typically must pay the return shipping which will net against any refund. Typically your item can be tracked; If your order is delayed or retained in customs, I have no control, I can’t help and I am not responsible. International Priority is FAR superior in many ways, but expensive, I know. I make First Class International available when possible, but please understand that the package must be less than 4 pounds and 32" perimeter, and is not insured and can only be tracked to the point from which it leaves the US; if shipping by me is confirmed and it does not reach you, shipment confirmed by the shipper with the date the package left the US will be the end of my responsibility. I ship securely, and have never had a package or its contents damaged (knocking wood here) but since I cant recover the item cost if a First Class shipment is damaged, I can't refund you. Thank you for understanding that this is the only way I can include International Shipping for my listings. Feedback: I don’t solicit feedback because it’s a two-edged sword, it cuts both ways. If you are delighted, I hope feedback will be spontaneous. If you’re unhappy, please let me know! Completely apart from feedback, I want you to be happy with your purchase, and I have a very liberal returns policy, but I don’t do partial refunds, it only encourages abuse from people who will do that. YOU may be honest, there’s those that aren’t, and I’m not Macy’s - my proceeds go toward helping my “single mother” daughter raise, clothe and feed her child. Thank you for your understanding, I truly appreciate your business!