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CIVIL WAR U.S. NAVY-2 Doc's-Sec. of the Navy Gideon Welles & Commonwealth of Mas
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TWO-CIVIL WAR PERIOD DOCUMENTS First Document Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles. Signed & Dated 1st November 1868. 149 Years Old Henry Watson, Mate U.S. Navy Honorably Discharged from the Navy and Served from 9 December 1863 (CIVIL WAR) to 1 November 1868. Watson served throughout the Civil War and after, Signed by Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy. The Document reads: United States of America NAVY DEPARTMENT The war for the preservation of the Union having under the beneficent guidance of Almighty God, been brought to a successful termination, a reduction of the Naval Force becomes necessary. Having served with fidelity in the United States Navy from 9th day of December 1863 to the present date, you are hereby honorably discharged with the thanks of the Department. To Left Hand Side, is the Navy Seal. On Right States: Given under my hand and Seal of The Navy Department, at the City of Washington, This 1st day of November one thousand eight hundred and sixty eight (Signed) Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy Mate, Henry Watson, U.S. Navy Boston, Mass. Condition: Being Sold in USED and in AS IS CONDITION 148 Years Old, NOTE: cloth type paper, Measures Approximately -12” wide X 16” High. SECOND DOCUMENT: OF HENRY WATSON ISSUED BY THE COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSEETTS-146 yrs. Old Given to him for his service during the Civil War by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: and reads; COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSEETTS To Henry Watson, U.S. Navy Commonwealth of Massachusetts honoring the faithful services of her sons who formed a part of the land and sea forces of the United States employed in suppressing Rebellion and maintaining the integrity of the Nation has by a resolve of the General Court of 1869, directed the undersigned to present you this, Testimonial of the people’s gratitude for your patriotism. Given at Boston this nineteenth day of April In the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and seventy. Signed by, William Claflin, Governor Condition: I believe it is in Good condition for its age (146 yrs. Old), it has a few tears on the document, very readable and signatures are clear. Measures Approximately 17 ¾” Wide X 13 ¾” High Both Document as being Sold in USED and in AS IS Condition. Review Photos or Ask Questions. CONDITION: USED AND BEING SOLD IN AS IS CONDITION. NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS, PLEASE REVIEW THE ITEM & PHOTO’S CLOSELY. QUESTIONS ARE WELCOME AS I’M SELLING OFF MY MILITARY & NAVAL COLLECTION. Please Review My Other Items for Sale or Ask about item you’re looking for. Shipping & Handling (24 hrs.), except weekends or Holidays, Postage regular mail only, unless other Pre-shipping Arrangements are made. Shipping: Note: Buyer will pay $35.00 for shipping & packing cost, Tracking, Insurance, and Signature, (Buyer must sign for this item). Shipped Continental U.S. Only Lower 48 Only. Disclaimer: Once item is purchased we are not liable for any mishandling, misuse, damage or accident caused by this product. We advise to use all items with proper care and with adult supervision.