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Netherlands HOLLAND One DUCAT Gold 1783 Lovely 'Proclamation' Coin
Цена товара 95666 руб.
Цена доставки по США 1541 руб.
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Начало продаж (GMT) 12 июня 2021, 02:00
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Местонахождение Newtown, QLD


Срок доставки 3 - 4 недели
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Краткое описание на английском языке
Coins for Sale Please note that all coins are shipped from Australia Details: Netherlands, Kingdom of Holland (Dordrecht) One Ducat dated 1783 - Km12 Approx. 22mm diameter Lovely high grade coin that has been beautifully struck with very clear designs on both sides. A superior example that was used in Colonial Australian trade.The Ducat was mentioned in Governor King's Australian Proclamation of 1800, valued at 9 shillings 6 pence in the colony. The Dutch Ducat has a rich history worldwide and is a historically significant part of Australia's early currency, and this nice example is particularly pleasing. Obverse: Standing knight holding sword and seven arrows. The arrows represent the seven provinces of Netherlands) Reverse: Lettering inside square border, translating as 'Gold money of the Federated Provinces of Belgium in accordance with the law of the realm' Condition: Please examine the photos carefully to judge condition for yourself. I would suggest a grading of around EF or better. Under close magnification, the coin exhibits no significant wear, though there are a couple of marks and the typically wavy appearance of the flan. No evidence of mounting, but edge marks may suggest it may have been held in some kind of holder in the past. However, please check photos for yourself as grading is subjective. Please READ THIS: * All coins are shipped from Australia. * Delivery times are usually around three weeks to most destinations. Shipping to US addresses can be quite slow due to lengthy delays at US Customs. I have no control over delivery times * Shipping quoted is for Registered (signed for) mail * Any questions? Please ask before bidding. Registered, Signed for & Tracked US$18.00