1x10g Sachet NILA Eyebrow&Biotatoo Black Brown Henna Beauty Hit Eyebrow Tinting
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NILA Eyebrow&Biotatoo Henna !WITH (jar) OR WITHOUT (sachet) JAR Drawing henna on the skin: 1. Prepile, clean, degrease and dry the selected skin area. 2. In a small ceramic or glass container, fill in the required amount of powdered henna and add a little water with a pipette. Bring the consistency to a medium-thick cream. 3. Begin applying paste on the skin. To do this most conveniently with the help of a thin brush (when using a stencil, it is better to choose a tool with a wider working part). For the drawing of small details a toothpick is useful. 4. Try to make the composition of henna tightly in contact with the surface of the skin. The layer of the picture should not exceed two to three millimeters. If you go beyond the contour of the pattern, quickly remove excess henna with a cotton swab moistened with any vegetable oil. 5. The pattern of henna dries for two to three hours. During this time, the best pigment concentration is achieved. Wait until henna begins to crumble independently. Clean off its residues (without water!) and apply coconut, sesame or almond oil. Eyebrow coloring: 1. Degrease eyebrows and skin. 2. Connect the henna powder with a small amount of water until the consistency of the traditional eyebrow paint is obtained. 3. Apply the resulting composition simultaneously to both eyebrows, first to the zone close to the bridge of the nose, then to the central one, and then - to the thinnest part. Do this with a brush, without leaving the contour of the eyebrows, while properly covering the skin inside and the hairs themselves. 4. To sustain from 5 to 15 minutes (the longer, the more intense the shade will appear). 5. Remove the dye residues with dry cotton pads, and then wipe with a dampened water disc (without soap or tonic!). Shipping: FREE, the same day shipping to any country in the world. Each additional item shipping is for FREE.