RAD ROVER Skid / Impact Plate BLACK
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Местонахождение Colorado Springs, Colorado


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Краткое описание на английском языке
This is a second generation of skid plate for the Rover. It is compatible with 2016-2019 Rovers. Having owned my RAD ROVER a short period of time, but spending more time in off-road riding, it became clear that some of the wiring underneath the frame was subject to severe damage by rocks and bushes as well as the snow and ice that some hearty Rovers riders have reported. I manufactured a skid / impact plate that is solidly secured and provides protection to that vital sensitive area. I sold a significant number of plates that worked very well, but based on input from a few of the more aggressive riders, I decided to improve and enhance the original skid plate design. This newest version is both longer and wider. It offers significant protection to the crank sensor as well as the wiring . The plate is manufactured out of .125 KYDEX and three 3/4 rubber bumpers that act as spacers to absorb shock and deflect any limbs, bushes or other foreign objects. Anyone working with KYDEX knows how indestructible and light the material is, that is why it is used extensively in aircraft manufacturing. The impact absorption bumpers are secured with stainless steel button head bolts. I did increase the price to cover the additional material costs but still believe it is a great value because of the protection it provides. The plate includes 2 zip ties that secure it to rear of frame. Price includes free shipping within continental US Install video available on YOUTUBE: Search words: RAD ROVER SKID PLATE