Sand's Motor Hotel, Huntsville, AL Postcard *6S23
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Местонахождение Stevens Point, Wisconsin


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I have for sale one Sand's Motor Hotel, Huntsville, AL Postcard *6S23. Consider using the eBay Photo Magnifier (the zoom feature) to examine both photos- front and back, for condition and details. At times, the back photo will reveal nicks or creases that are not visible from the front. Message me if you have any specific questions about a postcard.Buy as many postcards as you want and pay only $0.95 for shipping. International rates, duties, and taxes vary. Returns accepted. All orders ship as United States Post Office (USPS) First Class Mail in a white, light cardstock envelope/mailer. The USPS typically delivers First Class Mail within 3-5 business days, but occasionally takes a little longer. Thank you for your business! 6S23