Blindfold Shades of Blue Genuine Leather "NEW"
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Краткое описание на английском языке
Shades of Blue Leather Blindfolds are made from Genuine cowhide leather. The soft leather wraps over the edge for a very comfortable fit. Lined with soft black pig suede. Has elastic strap so it fits real snug and adjusts easy to all sizes. Built for long lasting play. (As with all Leatherboy products we use only 100% Genuine Leather no Fake or imitation leather are used to produce our products. Wholesale inquires Welcome) Make sure to sign up for our store newsletter to receive new product information and upcoming sales. This item is listed as a PRIVATE LISTING. It will not appear in any completed listings or feedback search. Only the seller knows what you've purchased. Please Leave Feedback. More Leatherboy Bondage Gear Products BLINDFOLDS WHIPS RESTRAINTS PADDLES BONDAGE KITS COLLARS Visit my eBay Store:Behind Closed Doors Leather Gear (All leatherboy items are suggested for novelty use, costumes, reenactment and theater. Please play safe and responsibly.)