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**1921 BUCKEBURG Germany- SEMI Matching Serial #s ~ Complete Set German Notgeld
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Начало продаж (GMT) 21 апреля 2019, 22:19
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Местонахождение Ojai, California


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Краткое описание на английском языке
This COMPLETE and beautiful notgeld set is from the town of Bückeburg.Colorful illustrations of local architecture: Castle, Town Hall and church.This set has SEMI-matching numbers! Bright and colorful set printed on THICK paper, each lettered A-E. Of special interest, ALL five notes are 1 Mark- very unusual for a notgeld set! Great, crisp notes with no folds which measure about 2 inches by 3¹/2 inches each. All notes are guaranteed authentic. The notes you see are the ones sent, so please check all scans. Notgeld (German for "emergency money") refers to money issued by an institution in a time of economic or political crisis. Notgeld generally refers to money produced in Germany and Austria after World War I. Issuing institutions could be a town's savings banks, municipality and private or state-owned firms. They are interesting pieces of history, and have beautiful artwork.These notes are nearly 100 years old! To receive a combined shipping invoice, which may help reduce your shipping costs, please request total.AFTER you have received the corrected invoice, you can pay for your order.Please contact me with any questions.