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William´s Isinglass Company 1899 25 Pounds mortgage deventure
Цена товара 3420 руб.
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Начало продаж (GMT) 14 мая 2019, 16:40
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One nominative 25 Pounds mortgage deventure certificate of "William´s Isinglass Company" 1899 (United Kingdom).Condition (opinion):Fine/Very Fine (VF) .Three hand signatures.Uncancelled.Printer:M.S.Rickerby Printer,London. 4,000 Pounds 5% first mortgage deventure with only 160 certificates of 25 pounds.Company offices at 19 White´s Row ,Commercial Street,E., no mention of city. (United Kingdom)The owner is Ernest John Gully (the Director). Issinglass is used in the brewing of beer, and in whine.It was originally made from the swim-bladders of the sturgeon fish,imported from Russia but during and after the Napoleonic wars suply became difficult and cod shim bladders where used instead.From then on ,it was manufactured in England and used for very many purposes over the years. ------------------------------------------------------ Postage, including packing material, handling fees : Europe: USD 4.10 / USA $ 4.90. Rest of the World: USD 5.30 FREE of postage for any other additional banknote , stocks & bonds or other items .Only one shipping charge per shipment (the highest one) no matter how many items you buy (combined shipping). Guaranteed genuine-.One month return policy (retail sales) We invite our customers to combine purchases to save postage. Full refund policy ,including shipping cost,guaranteed in case of lost or theft after the completion of the complaint with Spanish Correos for the registered letters (normally purchases above $ 30.00). Banknote GradingUNCAUEFVFFVGGFairPoorUncirculatedAbout UncirculatedExtremely FineVery FineFineVery GoodGoodFairPoorEdgesno counting markslight counting folds OR...light counting foldscorners are not fully roundedmuch handling on edgesrounded edgesFoldsno folds...OR one light fold through centermax. three light folds or one strong creaseseveral horizontal and vertical foldsmany folds and creasesPapercolorpaper is clean with bright colorspaper may have minimal dirt or some color smudging, but still crisppaper is not excessively dirty, but may have some softnesspaper may be dirty, discolored or stainedvery dirty, discolored and with some writingvery dirty, discolorated, with writing and some obscured portionsvery dirty, discolored, with writing and obscured portionsTearsno tearsno tears into the borderminor tears in the border, but out of designtears into the designHolesno holesno center hole, but staple hole usualcenter hole and staple holeIntegrityno pieces missingno large pieces missingpiece missingpiece missing or tape