Cut Glass Water Carafe. Turn of the Century.
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Краткое описание на английском языке
Cut glass water carafe, probably dates about turn of the century. This was part of tableware used at that time. It doesn't have any damage that i can feel but there are some wear marks from sliding across the table from use. It has cut daisies for flowers. This was a very popular pattern in it's time period. It is 8 inches tall by approximately, 6 inches wide. It is very heavy. A nice decorator piece which would look good with flowers in it too. 7-day return privilege with the understanding that the buyer pays the shipping/insurance both ways. Ebay's shipping calculator is very misleading. Please contact seller for a better estimate of cost to ship once I know where you live. Sorry , no international shipping. I would guess closer to $18.00 for shipping. Thank you for looking!