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Wallace Reid & Lila Lee 1922 in " The Dictator" Paramount
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Местонахождение Las Vegas, Nevada


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Wallace Reid & Lila Lee in "The Dictator " - Paramount Pictures 1922 14 x 11 Lobby card is in very good condition!!!!...minor wear around edges Handsome, clean-cut star of the late 1910s who frequently directed, and sometimes wrote, his own vehicles. Son of a well-known actor and playwright, Reid got his start acting as a child. After prep school and some time spent editing a racecar magazine, he entered films in earnest in 1910. The handsome, dark-haired Reid worked as an actor, cameraman, stuntman and screenwriter for such companies as Vitagraph, Reliance, Universal and American for the next few years. He married actress Dorothy Davenport in 1913. Reid became a star in 1915--after making more than 100 films--when he was signed by Lasky-Paramount to co-star with Geraldine Farrar in Cecil B. DeMille's "Carmen". He made more than 50 films for that company over the next seven years, becoming the nation's boy-next-door matinee idol. Many of Reid's films utilized his ability as a racecar driver and were especially popular with young boys. He made another four films with Farrar, a series with Ann Little, and also co-starred with such actresses as Mae Murray, Gloria Swanson and Bebe Daniels. After being treated with morphine following a 1919 train accident, Reid became addicted to the drug and died in a rehab clinic at age 31. The manner of his death made sensational news at the time and, combined with the scandals surrounding the death of director William Desmond Taylor and the Fatty Arbuckle manslaughter trial, led to demands for censure of the Hollywood community and censorship of its product by conservative civic groups nationwide. Reid's widow, often billing herself proudly as 'Mrs. Wallace Reid' in order to restore her late husband's unfairly damaged reputation, went on to produce several anti-drug films, including the hard-hitting "Human Wreckage" (1923). Also listed Dorothy Lamour SIGNED, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, Lauren Bacall SIGNED, Errol Flynn, Bette Davis SIGNED, Carole Lombard, William Powell, Joan Crawford SIGNED, Ronald Reagan SIGNED & other Hollywood Items!! Thanks for looking and happy bidding Combine postage offered on all items